Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will hopefully find answers to any question you have about our website.

If you have any further questions, please do get in touch with us here.

I don't have a website, can I still advertise with you?

Yes. You do not need a website to advertise with us, and you can even use your listing page as your website.

We can also help you build a website for your property, through our Parent Company Paul James Digital.

If you decide to use your listing page as your website, we can map a domain name to the listing page so that anyone typing in your domain (eg will be lead directly to your listing page.

Will my advert appear on the Google Map?

Yes. All listings, which include a valid address are shown on our map and are enabled for address and proximity search

I'd like to upgrade my listing, how can I do this?

Simply log into your account, and visit your listing where you will see an upgrade icon appear with the listing.

By clicking this, you will be able to see all upgrade options that are available to you and be able to upgrade online.

Alternatively... we love hearing from our customers, so if you drop us a line we will usually offer some form of upgrade to your listing [but shh - don't tell everyone]

I have an advert and would like to edit it.

To edit your listing you must have an account on our website, and you must have claimed your listing if you have not done so already.

To edit your account, simply visit the Manage your Listing Page once logged in.

I'd like to place an advert but don't want to pay via the internet

We offer two types of listing plan, only the plans shown as "Subscription" require you to pay for your listing through our website. 

If you select our other plans, you can pay via invoice using BACs, Internet Payments, Cheque.

Will you remind me when my advert is due to expire?

We email all advertisers with two reminders before your listing is due to expire, these are generally sent one month, and two weeks before your listing is due to expire.

If you do not renew your listing, your listing will automatically revert to our Free Advert plan.

At any time, you can upgrade or renew your plan with us.

How long does an advert last?

All Listing adverts last for the length of the plan which you have signed up for. The majority of listings (including our Free Advert, Standard and Featured Listing) are 12 months, whilst some of our Trial and Free listings are for shorter periods.

Do we offer free adverts?

Yes. Free Listings are available for all users. A free advert includes all the benefits of our Standard listing, with the exception that we do not allow backlinks to your property.

NOTE: Any website information, eg URL, will be removed from a FREE Listing upon moderation.

In what order do the adverts appear?


We aim to make our listings appear in a fair order. When you submit your listing, we geocode the address and store your location.

When a user visits a location page - eg. Cornwall, or searches for a location, eg. Cornwall - their query is passed to Google Maps, who define a central point for "Cornwall" - listings are then displayed in distance order from that central point.

The exception to this is Featured Listings - a featured listing will show at the top of search results when it is located within 25 miles of the search location.

A Featured listing is the only way to guarantee you will show at the top of search results pages.

There is no demotion in search order between a standard and free listing.

Banner Adverts

Banner Adverts are rotated on an even basis, ensuring that each banner advertiser is shown evenly across our website.

How long does it take for my listing to appear?

If you place a listing advert through our website, you listing will be made live once it has been moderated. Our moderation process generally takes under 24 hours.

Banner advertisements can take longer, but we aim to list all banner adverts within 24 hours.

Do we sell advertising over the phone?

We are happy to discuss your listing with you over the telephone, simply call us on 0161 8831 920.

In some exceptional circumstances we will list indevidual properties on our website on behalf of the listing owner, we do not undertake any maintenance of listings however, and all future edits to your listing must be made through the website.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Simple answer, Yes.

We offer significant discounts for companies wishing to place bulk orders with us. 

Get in touch with us before placing your order, and we will advise you what discount is available. We can also assist you with uploading listings in bulk if you have the information available in Excel or CSV format.

For each listings we require a minimum of the property category, the address, and a description of the property. To be found with our search functions, we also need to know if you have parking, any rating the property has, and what facilities are available.

Images can also be uploaded in bulk, please discuss your requirements with us.

Once we have received the list of your properties, we will upload them to our website and assign them to a user account which will allow you to administer them going forward.

What do you do with the data you collect?

We collect a variety of information when you sign up to our website, this information is maintained (securely) to help us administer your listing and allow our visitors obtain information about your listing.

We take your privacy very seriously, and we do not sell your information, we encrypt our website using a secure SSL certificate, and unless you sign up for our mailing list we won't contact you other than to administer your listing with us.


We also have a Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and a Website Terms of Use Policy that provide a full explanation of the information we collect and why we collect it.

How do I change the featured Image?

It's really easy to change which image is featured on your listing.

Simply login to our website, and visit the listing you wish to edit.

You will see at the top left of your listing, a small "cog". Press this and select "Edit Media"


Now simply select the action you wish to carry-out.


  • Pressing the left hand star will make your image the featured image.
  • The "tick" allows you to publish/un-publish images.
  • The "pen" allows you to edit the images name and description.
  • Finally, the "trash can" allows you to delete an image.


How do I remove a listing?

Please contact us if you would like to remove your listing.