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Dog playing ball on the beach

Taking your dog to the beach? Read on...

Dogs enjoy nothing more than a day on the beach chasing balls in and out of the water, but both the sand and the sea can cause huge issues for your furry friend.

A touch of dog friendly luxury

So often when treating your four-legged friend to a holiday, there’s an abundance of practical, functional places to stay, However, if you’re looking to enjoy a touch of luxury, or need a larger venue for gatherings, combined with dog friendly requirements, read on.

Top dog names 2021

Five things to think about when naming your dog

Your dogs' names say a lot about us as doggy parents, and that is why many pet parents are increasingly taking their time to pick the perfect name. 

Two cats - Stumps and Tails tortoise shell sisters
Tails on the left with sister Stumps

Meet Stumps and Tails

Meet the two cute additions to the Where pets are welcome family.... Stumps and Tails, tortoise shell sisters adopted from the Cats Protection charity in 2017.

Dog looking out of the window of a car

Travelling with your pets

Travelling with your pets on holiday in the UK has never been more popular, with the demand for staycations rising massively in popularity thanks to Covid. Holidays are an important part of life for many people and being able to share the experience with your beloved pet can be really magical. After all, they are a valued family member and enjoy the break as much as you do.