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Lindisfarne Northumberland

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If you fancy a trip to the beautiful Holy Island with your dog there's no problem. They're not allowed in the castle itself, but there's a path across the castle field which in which you'll find the Jekyll Garden. You can also take a long a stroll along the headland and throw pebbles in the sea. You can't go wrong - it's an island, but a lovely day out and plenty of exercise for your four legged friend.

Because there are sheep and shorebirds on the whole of the island, it's lead walks all the way.

You can down load a leaflet here which tells you all about the code of conduct when walking dogs in the coastal areas of Northumberland.


Lindisfarne Northumberland

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We enjoyed a fabulous day out on Holy Island. Freya loved her sniff walks across the big field and trotting along the coastal path down to the sea. She didn't even mind being on the lead - she's a conservationist and loves a bit of sheep and bird watching. Great day out for the whole family!
Lindisfarne Northumberland
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